Alcohol and Drug Testing

D.O.T. Testing, drug-free workplace testing, self-testing.

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Confidential DNA Testing

Noninvasive swab testing yields fast, accurate test results. Home use application available.

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D.O.T. Qualified Collector Training

Students in the United States receive one-on-one instruction.

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Serving Northeast Connecticut, Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts

Onsite Alcohol, Drug and DNA Sample Collection

When it comes to Drug and Alcohol Screening we know you need results quickly. Northeast Onsite Services, LLC has teamed up with top TPA's and Labs across the country to bring you fast accurate results. Only AABB certified Labs are used for DNA testing.

Northeast Onsite Services, LLC has over 20 years of sample collection experience. We provide a professional, private and confidential testing procedure for parents, workplaces, transportation companies, attorneys' offices, or at the scene of an accident.

Alcohol and Drug Sample Collection Training

As a Certified Instructor, Keith R. Gosselin offers D.O.T. Qualified Collector training and refresher courses. This program is available for students across the United States.

Northeast Onsite Services, LLC uses only AABB certified Labs for DNA testing. This ensures you fast accurate results in days. We use mouth swabs that are a non invasive form of testing yet highly accurate. We are a mobile company: we come right to your home, office, attorney's office or anywhere you choose to get the samples needed for a legal test.