Confidential DNA Testing in CT, RI and MA

confidential mobile DNA test collection

Northeast Onsite Services, LLC uses only AABB certified Labs for DNA testing. This ensures you fast accurate results in days. We use mouth swabs that are a non invasive form of testing yet highly accurate. We are a mobile company: we come right to your home, office, attorneys office or anywhere you choose to get the samples needed for a legal test. Most errors in DNA testing happen with the collection procedure, Northeast Onsite Services, LLC (d.b.a. NOS Employer Lab Services) has over 25 years of sample collection experience.


High School students are sexually active, some even in middle school. More and more teens are becoming pregnant at a young age. DNA testing is a mouth swab that is non invasive that can be done on children and infants. A standard Trio (mother, child and potential father) can be done with results back in days.


DNA Paternity Test:

​A DNA paternity test determines whether a tested man is the biological father of a tested child. If you are in need of a paternity test for legal reasons or just peace of mind.

Immigration DNA Testing:

Our Lab provides AABB-accredited DNA testing for immigration purposes. They perform testing for clients in over 168 countries worldwide, following the specific requirements set by the government agencies in each country.

Adoption DNA Testing:

We offer DNA testing services for people involved in adoption. We have specialized services for clients who are going through domestic or international adoptions, are hoping for reunification with biological family members, or are facilitating parental relinquishment and peace of mind.

DNA Maternity Test:

A DNA maternity test determines whether a tested woman is the biological mother of a tested child.

DNA Grandparentage Test:

A DNA grandparentage test, performed in the absence of an alleged father, determines the relationship between a child and the parents of the alleged father.

Genetic Reconstruction:

A genetic reconstruction is performed to determine the biological relationship of a child to the alleged father’s close relatives.

DNA Siblingship Test:

A siblingship test determines whether two children share one or both parents.

Twin Zygosity Test:

A twin zygosity test determines whether twins are fraternal or identical.

Y-STR Paternal Lineage:

A Y-STR paternal lineage test determines whether two or more males are related through a paternal line.

mtDNA Maternal Lineage:

A mitochondrial DNA maternal linage test determines whether two or more individuals are related through a maternal line.

DNA Profiling:

A DNA profile is an individual’s genetic fingerprint, used for personal security such as in the case of identifying a missing child or future inheritance claims.



​Following is a list of frequently asked questions from our customers:

​Is the mother always tested?

No, but if she is, the paternity test may take less time and provide for a higher level of certainty. When the mother participates we are able to subtract her contribution to the child’s DNA pattern before comparison to the potential father’s pattern.

How long does DNA testing take?

Paternity testing reports are typically provided 2 to 3 business days following receipt of the samples. Rush testing in one to three days is available at additional cost.

Do I need a doctor’s or lawyer’s order for a paternity test?

No, most of our clients order paternity testing directly from the site except for the state of New York. Keep in mind that for the fully accredited version of the test, a legal guardian must sign for any minor children. If you want us to communicate with any involved relatives, doctors, or attorneys, you must authorize us to do so.

How are paternity testing samples collected?

All samples are taken with cheek (buccal) swabs. Since people have the same DNA in every cell of their body, all sample types give the same results.

Does the child have to be a certain age to have a DNA paternity test?

No. There is no minimum age requirement for the child’s portion of the test. Samples are taken with a non-invasive cheek (buccal) swab.

What types of parentage testing do you offer?
  • Non-Legal Parentage Testing – When testing is for peace of mind and results will not be used in court.
  • Fully Accredited Parentage Testing – When results are needed for legal purposes.
  • Grand Paternity Testing – Called for when the father is unavailable.
  • Twin Zygosity Testing – Available to determine whether twins are identical or fraternal.


What about confidentiality?

Information of any kind regarding a case will not be released to anyone other than the tested parties and their named representatives without written order. Northeast Onsite Services, LLC will come right to your home or attorney’s office to take the samples.

How will I receive my results?

Reports are mailed to all tested adults and their designated representatives. Reports can be sent by fax or e-mail if requested. The report is a confidential, notarized legal document.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us directly for pricing. We accept credit cards, certified check, and cash.

What will I need to bring to my appointment?

Adults must have a photo ID, such as a driver’s license, a social security card, a Photocopy of their Drivers License or State issued ID, a picture of the child, and payment for the test.

Can I use the results in court?

The report is a legal document that proves paternity or non-paternity. However, self collected home paternity test results are not admissible in court.